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Writing Romantic Scifi

Writing romantic scifi is wildly fun, but I deal with a few challenges. 

May 29 Blog AR Pauline Baird Jones

Writing romantic scifi is wildly fun, but I deal with a few challenges. 

The main challenge today is not including sex scenes in my books. 

Most of the science fiction romance that is published today is very sexy.  And sometimes, there are tentacles. 

That’s not my deal. 

I often get asked about it (the why no sex thing). Here are my answers to the question:

A. I don’t want to.

B. My readers know where the standard parts are. If they want to “add” sex to the narrative, their imaginations are as good—or better—than mine. 

C. I don’t want to.

For readers who want the sex (and possibly the tentacles), there are TONS of books out there for them to read.

For readers who want a romantic story with great characters, exciting space opera action, and a sense of humor?

I’m your gal. 🤗

Because of the above mention challenge, it is pretty hard for me to find readers and for readers to find me. That’s why I am focusing more on my bookstore when the competition for reader attention is much less. As in, I am my own competition (though not my own grandma. 😂)

My possibly evil plan is to work on offering more benefits to those who buy direct from me:

1. Extra content (I already have some Project Enterprise Deluxe editions, and I’m planning more!)

2. Early access (this has already happened and will continue to happen)

My last challenge is time. I have two other series that need new books; I’m a wife, a mom, and a grandma. Plus, I’m a human who sometimes gets sick or otherwise hosed. 

So if it seems as if I’m being slow, please be patient with me. Writing books is my joy and escape from the hard stuff in my real life. I don’t want to rush that. I like spending time with my characters and causing them all kinds of problems. 

I love getting them all the way to their happy ever after, gently closing the door before things get too heated, and letting you imagine what happens next. (But please, no tentacles, even in your imagination!)

Happy reading!

Perilously yours,