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The why's and wherefores of my sci-fi and fantasy release!

Why-Wrote Cosmic Boom Project Enterprise 9 Pauline Baird Jones

Even before I started writing scifi and fantasy novels (my books are more fantasy than scifi – haha), I have written a blog post about why I wrote that particular book. It’s kind of a rite of passage, or an act of reflection.

I’m not sure which.

So now I’m getting ready to release the ninth book in my Project Enterprise series (with seven connected stories!), and I’m feeling very reflective (more than rite jk!). 

As many of you know, my journey into scifi romance writing began way back in 2011, with The Key. It was a “let me get that book out of my head so I can get back to writing a mystery and suspense” book. 

I got so much out of my head it became a BAB (big a** book) and almost made my editor cry at the time. Or possibly not almost. 

But I loved writing it and readers (for the most part haha) loved reading it. 

And so began my long journey with science fiction romance and yes, fantasy (or delusion?).

It took me ten years to write nine books and the seven connected stories. 

I’m not burning up the publishing world, but not a total slacker, except for last year when it feels like authors either produced more books or none at all. Luckily, I had a book mostly written when the pandemic hit (Just in Time), but after that?

My brain felt empty of energy or creativity. 

So finishing a new book—any book—feels wonderful! 

So why did I write Cosmic Boom (instead of another Big Uneasy book?) Well…

1. My Project Enterprise books are harder to write, so I wanted to get it done early before my year got crazy. (That didn’t actually work because my year got crazy right out of the gate.)

2. It’s been two years since my last confession, I mean my last Project Enterprise book. (I did release two connected stories in that time, but yeah. Two years.)

3. I had an idea for it burning up the inside of my head. I needed to get it out of there and onto the screen. 

4. Well, we know I must be crazy to be a writer at all, so let’s go with I am crazy and leave it at that. 

Cosmic Boom is not a BAB, but it is longer than my last few Project Enterprise books. It clocks in at 112,000, so it’s kind of like I wrote two books [insert hopeful look here].

And I had a blast writing it. As always, my hero, my heroine, my cast of thousands, surprised and delighted me. 

For me, writing a book is kind of like reading a book REALLY slowly. Haha

So in that sense, I am glad it was long, but it did take me longer to write than I expected (see above where the new year got crazy). 

And it is SUCH A RELIEF to have words flowing out of the tips of my fingers again. 

I’m always afraid I’ll never “do it” again. But this time, that feeling almost took over my brain. 

I seriously am dying to jump right into the next book. I want it so bad my fingers are mad I’m writing a blog post. Or it might be my brain. All I know is, it has been hard to switch gears from writing a book to writing about why I wrote a book. 

Or something like that. 

Cosmic Boom won’t release until July 20, 2021, and I’m sorry about that, but it does have to make a few editing passes with pros who are not me. But it’s coming! And while you wait, I do have the first three (unedited or pre-edited? Which sounds better?) chapters you can download and read right now. 

I always download the chapters and think I’ll wait to read them, but then I read them because I can’t wait and then I can hardly wait for the book to release. 

So you can wait, or not wait and wait.

Yeah, my brain might be a little fried. Lol 

But thank you for being here! And here’s the last reason I wrote this book:

For all of you! 

The readers who come back even though it’s been two years since my last scifi fantasy release (sort of. Just in Time is definitely in the made-up science realm). You keep me going when it all seems like my books are trees falling in the forest and no one knows. Lol 

Here’s a short blurb for Cosmic Book: Project Enterprise 9:

A critical mission, a cosmic event, and a secret. Captain Hedy Quinton and former robot, BoomerJ face unexpected challenges when they undertake a mission to an unexplored region of the galaxy. If you love your chemistry interstellar, your action fast-paced, and your space opera sprawling, then grab COSMIC BOOM, the ninth entry in the award-winning Project Enterprise series, and take an exciting adventure into the unknown.

If you haven’t already grabbed it, I hope you’ll give it a try. You can read it as a standalone, even if you haven’t read the other eight books (of course, there are some Easter eggs for people who have read all the books). 

Perilously yours,