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Why I Wrote CabeX

Book 3 in my Cyborg Chronicles


March 6 Wrote CabeX Pauline Baird Jones

Back in 2018, I wrote a book called Lost Valyr. It was a fun, wild ride and during the writing of the book, I introduced a ship full of robots (with one human crew exception), called the Najer. 

The captain of the Najer was called CabeX and readers have been asking for his and Savlf’s story since Lost Valyr. 

When I emerged from the turmoil of the pandemic, I realized I wanted to know their story, too. 

What? I didn’t already know their story? 

It’s true. 

I never know what’s going to happen when I start a story. 

I meet the characters in much the same way that you do. 

One word, one gesture at a time. 

They might share a little more with me, because I only include what matters to the story. But it all takes time. 

CabeX and Savlf both had a lot of issues to overcome, but I didn’t want their story to be a downer. 

My stories always end up with a happy ending. 

It took me several tries to get them to open up for me. 

And it surprised the heck out of me when they finally started to talk to me. 

So that’s why I wrote CabeX. I wrote it for all of you and for me. 

Here’s the blurb:

The book that Project Enterprise readers have been waiting for! CabeX and Savlf’s story is coming to an eReader near you!

The mission? Rescue their missing comrades. The challenge? Navigate a dangerous sector of the galaxy while exploring their feelings for each other. 

CabeX transformed into a human to save the galaxy. But when he falls for a woman who could betray him, can he also save his human heart?

Savlf escaped the spider’s web but can she elude a past she doesn’t remember? Can she prove to the CabeX—and herself—that she can be trusted? 

While they search the distant part of the Garradian galaxy for a lost ship, they discover their biggest challenge might be navigating their feelings for each other.

If they can survive that long.

Can love—swirling between two people who have no concept of its power—break through minds and take over hearts? Or are they so broken that loving and being loved is beyond their grasp?

This highly anticipated romantic science fiction adventure set in the Project Enterprise universe beckons. Journey with CabeX and Savlf as—with their lives lie on the line—hard questions are answered and secrets are exposed.

order now!

Start here!

And then come back when you’ve finished it and let me know what you think. 

Perilously yours,