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Why I Wrote AzumC: The Cyborg Chronicles 4

A peculiar side adventure to Project Enterprise.

Why Wrote AzumC Pauline Baird Jones

In 2018, I embarked on a peculiar side adventure to my Project Enterprise series. 

I added a ship of robots into the mix, with the vague idea of tapping into the “hot” cyborg market.

You can probably see the problem faster than I did.

Robots aren’t cyborgs. Well, technically they aren’t cyborgs. I mean, if there is a human conciousness inside, then they can be. And we are talking about fiction here. I can do what I want in a book. Lol 

So I created this ship full of robots, then, in the years since, I’ve been transitioning them back into human—or partially human—bodies for a variety of reasons. 

But it was only in 2022 that it was suggested to me that I should send them off into their own series: The Cyborg Chronicles.

Not every robot is being rolled into the series because they are an integral part of The Project Enterprise series. But I did remove three books from Project Enterprise to give The Cyborg Chronicles a good lift on its launch. 

Those books are: Cyborg’s Revenge, Cosmic Boom, and CabeX. All three books are able to stand alone separate from Project Enterprise, though they are still under Project Enterprise’s umbrella. 

And then I picked two robots to be the new guys in the series: AzumC and MicroP. Their names reflect their robotic model numbers from when they transitioned into robotic form to hide from an evil master. They freed themselves and defeated the big bad guy in Cyborg’s Revenge. 

Az and Mic also appear in CabeX, but they both wanted their own books, their own chance at a romance. 

So that is the main reason I wrote AzumC. And I wrote it because I wanted to. I like my robots in whatever form. And it is fun playing matchmaker and adventure planner for them. It’s also catharatic to hose them while I’m safely at home (sh, don’t tell them I said that!). 

AzumC releases this month, on April 13th and MicroP is scheduled to release in May. Feel free to preorder one or both books so you don’t forget! 

Here’s the blurb for AzumC:

AzumC: The Cyborg Chronicles 4 by Pauline Baird JonesHe’s a pilot in search of a mission. She’s a doctor lost in time. Can they fix each other before time runs out.

Az, the robot formerly known as AzumC, is finding his return to mostly human form as challenging as his other crewmates had. 

A ship would help. A pilot needs a ship. Luckily, the Garradians have a ship and a mission for him and his AI, Woolly: The newly minted Garradian Rescue Service.

The pirates are a problem, but an even bigger problem is the mysterious woman who appears on his ship. Why do the pirates want her? 

Dr. Jacklyn Lee knows who she is and what she does. She doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. She does know one thing: if she gets sent back, she will die. 

Dive into this latest release in The Cyborg Chronicles, the spin-off series of the award winning Project Enterprise! 

So that’s my story of how Azum’s came to be. Be sure to check in next week when I interview myself about what it was like to write the book!

Perilously yours,