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What’s Up with the Cyborgs?

Introducing my Cyborgs in a Kickstarter Project!

Why Cyborg's Pauline Baird Jones Facebook 2

I grew up with heroes like my mom and dad. They shared stories of my grandparents overcoming challenges, and I had the privilege of seeing people do brave things throughout my life.

They were all people who did the hard things because they needed to be done, not because they thought it was fun.

From the beginning of my putting pen to paper (yes, it was both back then), I wanted to capture their qualities of resilience and endurance and put that on the pages of my books. 

I wanted to write about good people overcoming the odds and finding love–enduring love.

When I decided to add cyborgs to my Project Enterprise series, I still wanted to stay true to the characters I’d created. 

I’ve reclaimed a few dubious characters in the series, but I’ve always made them pay for being dubious. I’ve made them step up and do the right thing when it really mattered.  

So here I am, introducing this ship of what is basically a bunch of pirates.

All of them had gone through tough times and made some tough decisions just to survive. 

They’d had to compromise at times—which made them very human—but those shades of gray? I wondered how I’d deal with that.

Because they needed to rise to the challenge to be better, to do the right thing at the right time, and to exceed their programming. 

And they did, far beyond my expectations. They are awesome and funny and brave. 

They were always that, but they didn’t know it. 

It has been an amazing experience to see them find their way to a better life and learn how to be happy, and fall in love.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering each of their stories in The Cyborg Chronicles, and you can if you back my Kickstarter!

What is Kickstarter? First, it is NOT GoFundMe. It is a platform for creators and backers to come together and make amazing things happen!

And it is great for readers because we get to find new authors, exclusive and limited-time editions of books, and cool swag.

I’m so excited to introduce you to my Cyborg Chronicles and all the deluxe and exclusive editions and swag that I’m offering to my backers! Hop on over, please, and check it out before it’s gone forever!

I’m sad because so many people will miss out, so I hope you’ll also share my Kickstarter with your cool, reading friends! It will disappear November 10, 2022! Don’t miss out!

Perilously yours,