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What’s in a Book?

What will you get when you read a Pauline Baird Jones Book?

Scifi Bookworm girl 200x200In a Pauline Baird Jones book, you’ll discover romance, adventure, and a sense of humor. Inside the covers there are heroines who are braver than they realized, and good-guy heroes who are strong enough to do the right thing for the right reason in impossible situations. They are the kind of men who aren’t threatened by the strength of the heroines. They celebrate that strength because they know they are better together.

You’ll also find heroines who aren’t afraid of tough guys, or who will fade away if they don’t get their guy (which they always do). The men they love step up and say the words and walk the walk.

If you have a spirit of adventure in your heart, if you are a daydreamer who loves imaginary journeys to places both wonderful and scary, if you used to read behind your textbook in school (when they had them!), if you love to dive deeply into a story and share the lives and thoughts of characters so real they will be your book buddies forever, and if you love your romance just steamy enough for happy sighs but not enough to set your face on fire because you know how it all works and don’t need a how-to, then these books are for you. 

The readers of these books have big imaginations because they regularly feed their minds new stories on a regular basis. 

Ordinary heroines and heroes, the bold and the timid,  those of you who sneak off to the bathroom or stay up too late so you can get in “just one more chapter,”and end up with a sore bum and a happy heart, and for all readers who love their chills and thrills and if you still believe in happy endings and good stories told well…enter here.