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We’re Mooning Around Today

Time for some moon love!

Super moon over alkali marsh

Super Moon over Alkali Marsh
The March 20, 2019 super moon shines down on the marsh east of Alkali Lake just outside Cody Wyoming. The marsh, located on the east side of Wyoming Route 120 opposite the main body of Alkali Lake, was still frozen making for nice reflections. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The hubs took some awesome pictures of the Super Moon last week, so I thought some moon love seemed in order. 

My favorite moon song is CCR’s Bad Moon Rising. (Perilous Pauline Fun – scary?— fact: This song is on every playlist I have except the Christmas ones). Sorry about the YouTube block on some of the videos, but hoping you can click through and listen!

Fly Me to the Moon (Book Fun Fact – This song plays a small part in The Real Dragon)

Dancing in the Moonlight (Fun Fact or huge relief to know – Pauline has never danced outside in the moonlight.)

Sister of the Moon (Fun Fact: Fleetwood Mac, baby!)

And because we’re a bit moon crazy here (or perhaps that’s spring crazy because the temps have been rising!

moon facts

And we can’t have facts without some myths!

moon myths

What do you think? Are you moon crazy yet?

Because one of the genres I write is science fiction romance, I have created some fictional moons for my books, particularly in the Project Enterprise series. I’m currently at work on CabeX, the next installment in the series, so if you haven’t started the series yet, I hope you’ll check out the first book in the series, The Key: Project Enterprise 1.

Perilously yours,