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Twelve Years in The Writing: JUST IN TIME

My most requested sequel!

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One of the most requested sequels in all my series and single titles books was for OUT OF TIME. 

It took me twelve years to deliver it. Why? OUT OF TIME was a book of my heart. I poured so much into it, I was depleted when I finished it. And the more time that passed—and the more readers loved it—the harder it became to think of trying to do that again. 

So what changed? Well, I guess I did. Maybe I grew up? I don’t know. When I decided to tackle JUST IN TIME, it was supposed to be a side project to 2020. Something I’d work while I was producing the books in my main series (Project Enterprise, The Big Uneasy). 

And then 2020 happened. 

And JUST IN TIME happened. 

What I mean by that, the book took on a life of its own and pulled me in and kept me there until I finished it. 

It’s really hard to produce a sequel 12 years later. Really hard. Readers who loved OUT OF TIME? This is probably not the book I would have written 11 years ago, or even 8 years ago. I’m not the same person or the same author who wrote OUT OF TIME. 

But I also wanted there to be a connecting bridge between the two books, so I did things a little differently with JUST IN TIME. Mel and Jack are in the book, but in smaller roles. That’s why I thought readers might enjoy this snippet where Mel is giving Ty his time travel send off:

“Don’t look down,” Mel’s voice said through his headset. 

Ty met her eyes across the hold and nodded. 

“Saying it now because if I say it then, you’ll look down,” she added.

Granger was pretty sure she grinned behind her oxygen mask.

“Did you look down?” he asked. 

“Yeah,” she admitted. 

“And you jumped,” he said.

“Yeah, but I’m certifiable. Ask anyone.”

So I hope you enjoyed these insights into OUT OF TIME and JUST IN TIME! Both books are available in ebook, print and audio! And if you’re on Facebook, don’g forget to join my Facebook Reader group! 

So, now you know a bit about how JUST IN TIME came to be and July is just getting started! How did it happen that 2021 is half over already? Did June treat you well? Produce anything fun to read or listen to?

Perilously yours,