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Top Gun—and Top Guns in Time and Space

Have you seen TOP GUN: Maverick?

July 11 Top Gun Pauline Baird Jones Instagram

Have you seen Top Gun: Maverick yet? 

I had heard it was good, so was eager to see it. I actually saw the original Top Gun in theaters last century and remember it grabbing my imagination as it introduced me to the world of Top Gun pilots. 

And Tom Cruise looked pretty good. Lol

So fast forward to now and he still looks good. He’s aged well. Lol

But even better than his looks was the movie!

I liked it better than the original!

It had all the drama and excitement of the first, but it had more heart this time around. Whoever wrote that script did a good job. 

Something else changed in the intervening years. My son’s father-in-law is an actual, real-life Top Gun pilot and was even a Top Gun instructor. He’s also a super nice guy. 

And the other change? I’d almost forgotten that a few years back, I bundled two of my books into—tada—a Top Gun bundle of sorts. 

The books are only connected by the bad-a** pilots in each book. Here’s the blurb:

Looking for a mind-blowing, action-packed read? Check out Top Guns in Time and Space and get two award-winning, romantic, action, and adventure tales featuring top pilots, one in the future and one in the past! 

First, she’s a stranded pilot. He’s an alien castaway. Can their love save a galaxy torn apart by war? 

The Key is the first novel in the phenomenal Project Enterprise scifi romance saga. If you like interstellar chemistry, fast-paced action, and sprawling space opera, you’ll love The Key!

Up next, she’s a modern woman. He’s a blast from the past. Can their love survive the test of time…and war? 

Out of Time is a riveting time travel romance adventure novel. If you like explosive chemistry, rapid-fire action, and accurate depictions of the Second World War, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ homage to the Greatest Generation. 

Hop aboard for your journey through time and space now!

I had taken it off sale everywhere but through my website. So I went in, updated the cover and tweaked the content and the blurb, and then activated it for sale on the various sites. 

So if you need some more top gun excitement and romance, I hope you’ll check out Top Guns in Time and Space for two award-winning reads!

Perilously yours,