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Time Travel is so Cool

Where would you go if you could travel through time?

March 27 Time Travel Pauline Baird Jones

I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been fascinated with time travel. I just know that I latched onto the idea and dove into the books and the movies—even the really bad movies.

It’s amazing to think about going back in time and seeing the past with new eyes, or going forward in time and seeing the outcome of our choices. 

While in theory, time travel is possible, so far the closest we’ve come to real time travel is flying around the world. As we pass through the various time zones, we are either ahead of our own time, or behind. I also feel the effects when Daylight Savings Time turns on or off. (Haha)

The theory of relatively suggests that time can be altered by both speed and gravitational force. Travel into the past presents a lot of problems. Can we really impact events that have already happened?

Going forward has already happened, to a very small extent, through experiments in time dilation. An object, traveling at high speed or in a strong gravitationsl field, will pass more slowly compared to the stationay. 

Whether possible or not, the topic fascinates me and I find myself exploring it in my books—even when I tell myself to NOT do it this time. Even if its just fiction, it is so hard figuring out how things will play out when my characters tamper with the time line. 

One thing they—and I—have learned again and again.

Time is persistent. 

What do you think about time travel?

Perilously yours,


Out Of Time Pauline Baird Jones