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Time for a Holiday Escape?

Is your holiday too much Oh No! And not enough ho, ho, ho?

open with care poster

Is your holiday too much oh no! And not enough ho, ho, ho?

Maybe you’re desperate for a quick, holiday escape into an adventure that is guaranteed to make you feel better about your family!

Open With Care is the perfect cure for all the holiday crazy! 

It’s not long—two short stories are broken into easy-to-read-sized chapters so you can savor them or speed-read if that is your preference.

And—this is important—at the end, you will feel so much better about your own family.

I wrote the first story, “Up on the Rooftop:”

What’s it about? Well read on!

Gini knew this holiday in Wyoming would be challenging as she headed over the frozen crick and through the woods to the family cabin. The lights are going out in her mom’s attic, the guy who broke her heart is on the porch…

…and there are aliens on the roof.

According to her mom, it’s going to be the best Christmas ever.


And my good friend, Genie Davis wrote the second story, “Riding for Christmas:”

A mesmerizing tale of interstellar time travel and romance!

Jane MacKenzie, visiting her grandfather’s abandoned ranch, discovers something in the snow. When she opens a ribbon-wrapped box, it mysteriously returns Sam Harrington, who “disappeared” in an 1885 blizzard.

She doesn’t know about the bargain Sam made with the aliens who abducted him, or that her action will change the course of their lives.

When Sam vanishes again, Jane flees, vowing to put the strange incident behind her, but fate brings her back to Wyoming ten years later. There she meets a descendant of the mysterious Sam and her life changes once more — with a Christmastime love that reaches beyond the galaxy —healing the past and the present and opening up her future to real, lasting love.

If you like “captivating, evocative fiction” then take this ride with Sam and Jane. There’s nothing alien in this enduring tale of holiday homecomings and the hope of love that lasts a lifetime.

Open with Care

You can get the jump on your holiday reading by starting now OR just tell your family (and yourself) that you’re taking an armchair holiday tour and that by dang, you earned it.

Do you read your holiday books as you get them or save them up for December and then run out of time (like I do)?

Perilously yours,


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