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The Why Behind the Claws & Effect Collection

The space pets band is all together!

Claws & Effect Pauline Baird Jones

Usually, when I have a new release, I do a “why I wrote this” blog post. But this is a collection of stories, four based in my Project Enterprise series and one random, quirky story. 

What ties them all together?

®Pets in Space.

I wrote them over a five-year period. 

All blush-free.

Why a collection?

Well, they were lonesome as lone books. 

Okay, I know that books can’t feel lonesome, but they did want to petwork (network? Haha?) and it felt like the right time to bring them all together. 

And my cover designer, Melody Simmons, rocked the cover. 

I’m glad I created this collection just for that cover.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the covers she’s made for me, but this one made me just smile and smile while I had a head cold. That’s not easy (ask the hubs).

That is cover design magic. 

So what is in the collection?

Love Space opera? Romance? Adventure? Out of this world pets? You need Claws & Effect in your life! 

What’s in the collection?

Claws & Effect Pauline Baird JonesIn Time Trap, Sergeant Briggs’s world collides with the very unusual Madison and her pet parrot. With a Time Service Interdiction Force on their heels, can the three craft a plan that will save a base full of geniuses and technology and get them the happy ending they deserve?

Operation Ark’s Caro, her caticorn, and Kraye are tasked with returning some unusual aliens to their home planets. Together they must face a dangerous journey, a lethal enemy with a score to settle, their unexpected desire, and an uncertain future if they make it out alive.

Cyborg’s Revenge asks the question, can the shy guy and the lovesick gal defeat their greatest enemy and find a happy ending? Only the chatty Snake knows for sure. 

General’s Holiday brings us a lady with a crazy story and a frog for a sidekick. And then there is the general who has been waiting for his Picard moment for a long time. Be careful what you ask for! But…if he can survive he might just get to kiss the lady.

And in the bonus short story, “The Real Dragon,” Emma Standish didn’t think her day could get any worse. Her dad is marrying his boss, her dragon suddenly came back talking and typing, and it’s her fault the Earth, or at least ten square miles of Texas, is going to be destroyed. 

Dive into four Project Enterprise stories and one quirky Earth-based romp! All five originally appeared in the ®Pets in Space anthologies.

The collection is available now!

Do you like collections or prefer to read single books?

Now I’m just going to sit a minute and smile about that cover. 😍

Perilously yours,