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The Surprising Alter Ego of a Wyoming Writer

So, how do you see me?

Pauline Baird Jones Author,chaos

“You think you know someone, and then you realize you don’t. At all.” 

That’s the eye-opener a pal of mine experienced after diving into one of my early tales. It’s like I’m channeling Clark Kent – minus the heroics and keeping the spectacles because, for this scribe, the magic happens when the glasses go on.

Here’s the scoop: I might wander around Wyoming as your average Jane, but once I’m behind my keyboard, it’s a whole other ball game. With glasses perched on my nose, my fingers become conductors of chaos, orchestrating a symphony of shenanigans that dance across my screen. And sure, my grey matter gets its fair share of the action, too. 😂

So, how do you see me? Just another neighborly face in the Cowboy State, or the spectacle-sporting maestra of literary mischief?