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The “Science” Behind My Books

I do write fiction after all.

May 1 Blog AR Pauline Baird Jones

I asked ChatGPT for ideas about what blog posts to write, and it suggested I write about the science behind my books.

If you’re worried about AI taking over the world, it’s not quite there. Lol

I didn’t ask it to explain further. I mean, I don’t even want to ask an AI these questions: 

Do you mean the science behind my various forms of time travel?

Or the science of traveling to another galaxy and creating weapons that don’t exist but seriously kick tush? 

Or my aliens who speak a form of English because who wants to read a book in an alien language? 

Or my nanites and cryogenics? The “fact” that I froze some characters well past their sell date, and they are fine?

It also suggested I explore the theories of romance that I use to craft my characters and develop their romances in the various books. 

Because I am as up on theories as I am on science.

The cold hard fact is that I make things up when I write my books. 

I have a friend who reins in some of my science when she can. Over the years, she steered me toward adding some actual science into my fiction. But I prefer just making things up. 

It’s a lot of fun. 

So there you go, AI and readers. This blog post is about the science behind my books or the lack of science. 

But do you really buy a novel FOR the science? Or for the story, the characters, and maybe a little romance?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll probably like my books. And guess what? You get the best deal when you buy direct from me!

Perilously yours,