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The (Mostly) True Story Behind the Writing of MicroP

The Cyborg Chronciles 5

May 8 Blog AR Pauline Baird Jones

It’s that time again! What time you ask? Time to take a peek behind the curtain of the writing of MicroP, the fifth book in my Cyborg Chronicles’ (a spin-off from the Project Enterprise series) upcoming release.

Whew, I need to pause to take a breath. Why? Because this is an interview where I interview myself about writing the book. And yes, I know it is crazy, but have you read my books? Not exactly normal….

So first, what is the book about?

How far will he go to save the woman he loves?

MicroP: The Cyborg Chronicles 5 by Pauline Baird JonesMic, a cyborg with exceptional abilities, has spent far too long planet-side. Restless, he escapes into space aboard his newfound ship… and stumbles upon a dangerous threat that will change his life forever.

Remi has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. A brilliant and determined explorer, she has always dreamed of learning if there is life beyond her solar system. Her work as a crew member on a space station finally gives her a chance to explore the unknown… and search for answers about her grandmother’s lost spaceship.

Mic’s appearance shakes Remi’s world. Not only is an alien cyborg flying her grandmother’s ship, but he also delivers devastating news. Remi knows if she is to discover the truth, she must learn to trust Mic and join forces with him to stop the threat to her world and outsmart an enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy her people.

Navigating the dangerous landscape of space, Mic and Remi’s feelings for each other grow even as the danger around them threatens to destroy their dreams. Will their love be strong enough to survive the challenges that lie ahead, or will they fall victim to the enemy’s wrath?

Dive into this latest installment in the thrilling Cyborg Chronicles! 

This will be the last Cyborg Chronicles story this year, so I have mixed feelings as this book gets ready to release! But let’s dive into the interview!

I: So, book five. Are you finding it a little challenging to match up these cyborgs without a cyborg match service?

Me: It does take a special kind of heroine to overlook Mic’s cybernetics in this story. I knew that as soon as I saw the cover. 

I: So that’s why you made it a first contact story? Because first contact always goes so well?

Me: I’ve always wanted to write some kind of first contact story…and

I: And you’re just dark enough to do with a cyborg?

Me: I would like to point out that you are also me. If I am dark, so are you.

I: Point taken. Were there any special challenges, other than the cybernetics, in writing a first contact story?

Me: I would have liked to write it here on Earth, but every time I got an idea, I’d run into the problem of how you have a happy ending with an alien here on Earth. I mean, all of it is unbelievable, but you need at least to keep a toe in reality.

I: Other authors have done it.

Me: They have, but they’ve constructed a world where they can adjust for it and protect their aliens. I keep running up against the real world inside my head.

I: The real world? With aliens. 

Me: It’s complicated. 

I: Indeed. What other problems did you have to overcome?

Me: Well, with me, it is always the science. And creating a problem for the characters to deal with that will keep them together, help them fall in love, and almost kill them. 

I: That last one is tough. Even characters don’t like getting hosed. 

Me: They do get a little bitter about it. But it was such a fun book to write. I just loved it, and I’m sorry it’s over! And that my time with the robots is over for this year. 

I: Any worries as you temporarily close the book on the robots?

Me: That I won’t live to finish the series. (I can remember when the second Star Wars was released in 1980, I was in my 30s and worried I would die before the third one was released. Lolol)

I: Well, we aren’t in our 30s anymore.

Me: Thank you for that reminder. Do you have any other questions?

I: Both our grandmothers lived into their 90s.

Me: On that, possibly cheerful thought, I’ll just end this by hoping you’ll read and love the book as much as I do!

It releases online on May 18th, and I’ll also be working on releasing all five books in print this month. There will also be an AI-narrated audio edition (my dark side loves the idea of AI narrating books about cyborgs), which will be available for purchase in my online bookstore!

When you buy direct from me, we both win! Grab your copy now!

Perilously yours,