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Tangled in Time Triva

Why this trivia? Read on to find out!

I commissioned artist Kelly Danforth to do this sketch of Olivia’s Transmogrification Machine in my novella, Tangled in Time. I’m posting a low-resolution copy, but hoping this will make it into the printed book! I think she did an awesome job on it and I can’t thank her enough! She really nailed the sense of fun that I wanted it to have.

I framed it and have it on my bookshelves where I can see it from my desk. 🙂

transmog machine

Copyright by Pauline Baird Jones. All rights reserved.

For such a short novella, it took a LOT of research to write! Here’s my bibliography:

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This is a list of the links I used to write my steampunk novella, Tangled in Time:

Wikipedia’s Article on Steampunk
Wikipedia’s Article on Women’s Fashion’s in 1890’s
Gentlemen’s Emporium (for steampunk clothing)
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Sewing Central, Victorian Patterns
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The Quest for Equality
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Day of Week Calculator
Cool steampunk jewelry
Texas Madrone
Steampunk Culture

Even made up science requires you to take a look at real science, so here’s some steam links my hubby found for me (he’s a real scientist, too).

Steam links:







And for fun:

Steampunk Title Generator

What do you think? Did I research enough for a novella? lol

Perilously yours,