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Taking a Vacation After 13 Years

Will Return to Blogging in Sept!

Taking a break, Pauline Baird Jones

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I see bloggers taking a break all the time and I’m still there when they come back. But somehow I’m the one who has to show up forever and ever? I know I’m already dead, but even so, I need a rest now and again. 

So I’ve been blogging regularly (I engaged in sporadic blogging before that) since 2010. And I’ve written 1224 blog posts. 

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been blogging for thirteen years. At times I blogged every day, others twice or three times a week. These days I blog once a week, but I blog in two places, so technically that is twice a week. 😳

I feel a bit like Bilbo after he wore the ring of power for too long. A bit stretched, a bit thin (metaphorically, I’m still fat and fluffy for the grandkids lol).

So I am going to take the rest of the summer off. And when I saw “off” I mean I’ll be hip deep in the #GrandmaProject and the hubs will be having major surgery, so yeah. 

But I will be writing. I am having so much fun working on the last book in my Out of Time series and I owe my wonderful readers a new Big Uneasy book. And I have a short story from Project Enterprise releasing in a holiday anthology this fall. 

So maybe during my blogging hiatus I should learn about the true nature of vacationing? Lol 

So here’s the scoop on the anthology:

The Festive Fates anthology is getting closer! Today I’m sharing the blurb with you. I’m thrilled to be in an anthology with so many talented authors. They’re amazing human beings as well!

Festive Fates, holiday anthology, Pauline Baird Jones‘Tis the season to get into the holiday mood, both real and alien, with a special holiday anthology from 11 amazing authors who love spreading good cheers—and great stories! Join S.E. Smith, Jill Wallace, Eliza Sinclair, Kyndra Hatch, Candace Colt, Natalie Palma, Winnie Winkle, Electra Gajdos, Stephanie Harrell, Pauline Baird Jones, and Cassandra Chandler as they fill your holidays with 11 original, never-before-released spirited tales of family and celebration. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition anthology that will get you in the spirit! Coming to your e-readers on November 30, 2023 for a limited time only! Pre-order your copy now! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C3185JT9/

And in my last blogging act for the summer, I wrote a vision summary about my books and readers. I’d love it if you’d check it out and tell me what you think. Did I miss anything important? Get a little out ahead of my cart?

And until September, here’s wishing you a happy summer with actual resting involved! And much lounging somewhere and reading. Yes, please read books!

Perilously yours,