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Riding the 2024 Wave with a Smile

and a Microwaved Dinner

January 15 Blog Post Pauline Baird Jones

Hey there, fellow adventurers in this crazy decade! 🌊

2024, huh? What a ride it’s been already! I’ve decided to look at time in bigger chunks, hoping to iron out those pesky little bumps life throws at us. Think of it as time management, but with a dash of optimism and a sprinkle of denial. 😂

Despite Life casting its vote (and boy, does it love to meddle!), my latest book, Telling Time: An Out of Time Story, was locked, loaded, and launched on January 11. And the audiobook is available in my store. 

But wait, there’s more! I had grand plans for a Big Uneasy story release in February. However, the universe had other ideas, involving my husband, a mishap, and surgery. So, I’ve been teleported back to the 1950s, minus the dress and apron, plus a microwave. #HermitChef

It’s been like a quirky reality show at Casa Jones. Picture this: a fast charging station entangled in a lift chair and me, minus my swearing dictionary. Life’s little sitcom moments, right?

I usually channel my stress into my books, but let’s just say, they’re struggling to keep pace. Maybe it’s time for a Cyborg story where I can vicariously blow up a few spaceships. 🚀💥

My goals for the year? Not dying is at the top (always a good start). Then, upgrading my life to at least the 70s vibe (sans the fashion faux pas), writing a couple of books, sending bite-sized newsletters weekly, and launching my reader membership (already done, check it out!).

How are you tackling 2024? Got any wild, unrealistic hopes? Share them – and let’s laugh together! 😂