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Punning Around

There are places I can’t take the hubs.

August 28 Alternate Reality Puns Pauline Baird Jones instagram

I get a bit silly in August. It is a survival tactic, so here is a silly blog post about the hubs (of #HubsPhotos fame.)

There are places I can’t take the hubs. It’s not because he misbehaves, but he LOVES Loves loves bad puns. The badder the better. I’d forgotten he has a particular fondness for funny place names until our recent road trip. And it didn’t surface until we hit Kansas.

Wakeeney, Kansas (did you know there is one in Colorado, too, though the spelling is different?) to be precise. Apparently you shouldn’t “wear a bikini in Wakeeney, but a beanie is okay in Wakeeney.” There were more. A lot of things rhyme with keeney. 

Then we saw a sign that we thought was a place name, though it turned out to be a road name. But he had some fun with K-9 until the bubble burst. The hubs favorite:

“It’s just poodle in the road.”

It’s then that I realized there are some places I can’t, or possibly don’t want to take him. Unless I’m really tired and then everything is hilarious. So I thought I would compile a list of places I can’t take the hubs:

1. Accident, Maryland. 

2. Barbecue, NC

3. Blow Me Down, Newfoundland, Canada

4. Boring (appearing in both Oregon, Maryland and Tennessee)

5. Cambrian, South Gloucester, England

6. Disappointment Islands in French Polynesia

7. Dull, Ireland

8. Eek, Alaska

9. Feltwell, Norfolk, England

10. Gore, New Zealand

11. Hell, Michigan (also one in Norway and a Hell’s Kitchen in NY and Hell’s Half Acre in Wyoming)

12. Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania

13. Inexpressible Island

14. Joe Batt’s Arm, also in Newfoundland

15. Kill, Ireland

16. I was torn between Lake Disappointment and Lizard Lick

17. Madman’s Gully Road is next door to Beechworth Asylum (two reasons not to go there!)

18. Nameless (doesn’t say where it was/is hahaha)

19. Ogre, Latvia

20. Pity Me (also doesn’t say where haha) and then there’s Poop Hill…

21. Rottenegg, Australia

22. Satan’s Kingdom can be found in Massachusetts and Vermont

23. Toad Suck, AK (Hard to pick just one in the t’s.)

24. Useless Loop, Western Australia

25. Why, Arizona

26. Zigzag, Oregon (hubs would have heyday with that one)

So there you are. Twenty-six places I can’t take the hubs. If you want to see more whacky place names, click here. So, any funny place names to share? Places you can’t take your significant other? And why can’t you? Have a bad pun-ner in your family tree? 

Perilously yours,