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Out of Time Stories Releasing as a Bundle!

All together for the first time!

Out of Time Series by Pauline Baird Jones 2

I’m so excited to release my Out of Time Stories into a special, bundle edition! 

For the first time, you can get OUT OF TIME, JUST IN TIME, and TELLING TIME in one affordable eBundle!

Haven’t heard of the series? Here’s the lowdown:

A complex time travel series, with smart, engaging characters, and a sense of humor. Strap on for a “…magical, romantic, and funny…” ride through history.

Need more? 

Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Meet Mel who has the “small” job of changing the past to save her future—without falling for the handsome World War II pilot. Find out what happens in OUT OF TIME.

If you like paradoxical plots, charming chemistry, and heart-wrenching encounters, then you’ll adore Pauline Baird Jones’ intriguing adventure, JUST IN TIME.

Get lost in the thrilling conclusion to the award-winning romantic time travel adventure Out of Time Stories series where the future is out of time, and the stakes have never been higher!

I wrote the first book, OUT OF TIME, in 2006. It was book that colored way outside the lines of my usual, but it demanded to be written. It was a wonderful adventure writing this book. I was able to interview veterans and others and I was left with a deep and abiding respect for their courage and optimism. 

They were one tough bunch of people and totally deserved being called The Greatest Generation.

OUT OF TIME went on to get both great reviews and a Best Book award from EPIC.

And then the years went by and other books came out of my head, but my readers who loved OUT OF TIME refused to give up on me writing a sequel.

Finally, in 2020 I released JUST IN TIME. 

It was terrifying to release it. Would the readers who loved OUT OF TIME love JUST IN TIME, too? Thankfully, they did and this gave me the courage to write the last book, TELLING TIME.

TELLING TIME was a brain buster. I wanted to answer all the questions I’d rasied in the other two books. Readers though OUT OF TIME was a twisty tale. Well, TELLING TIME takes twisty to new heights. 

But I loved writing all three books and I’m a little sad it’s done. I’d expect the characters to come back and demand more words, but I hosed them pretty bad and they are probably all in recovery and possibly counselling. 😂

Releasing this bundle isn’t the only “first” for this month. In my bookstore, I’ve also got Special Vintage editions with exclusive extra content on sale, in both ebook and print. I have a limited supply of these truly special editions so if you’re into collecting, don’t hesitate! Just follow the links below to check out these special editions!

Vintage eBundle – This special and exclusive ebundle features extra content and black and white cover art!

Vintage Hardcover  – Limited quantities of the three books in hardcover with black and white dust jackets! 

Vintage Paperbacks – These paperback editions include special exclusive extra content (but without the black and white cover art). Limited quantities available!  Out of Time. Just in Time. Telling Time

I hope you’ll check out these adventures in time!

Out of Time Series by Pauline Baird Jones