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It’s May!

Time for a dad joke!


Cyborg Chronicles, Pauline Baird Jones, space operaHubs and I celebrated our anniversary in April and we’re still married. 😂

The hubs loves bad jokes, you know the dad jokes that make you chuckle and groan at the same time (yes, it hurts, but in a good way). 

So the hubs and I had this exchange:

Hubs: I bought thyme today at the grocery store and then I brought it home.

Me: Um, okay.

Hubs: I thyme traveled. 

See? Groan and laugh at the same time. 

Veronica Scott recommended Marko Kloos’ Frontline series to me. I loved it so I recommended it to the Son and he loved it, too. It’s so fun when there’s book/share/love. 

Do you ever hear a reader raving about an author you just can’t read, no way, not ever, and think, “We can’t be friends.” 😂

I have learned you can be friends with people who don’t love the books you love, but it adds something extra to the friendship when you ❤️ the same books or at least some of the same books.

I finished reading  Star Cruise: Dream Dancer by Veronica Scott and it was fun as I knew it would be. (There is some steam in there, but the mix of romance, cool dancing, and bad guys was super fun—which you always get with a Veronica Scott novel.)

With my Kobo Plus subscription I’ve tried out some new-to-me vintage authors. I wasn’t wild about Ruth Rendell/Inspector Wexford book I got. Too dark and set in the 70s, which I lived through and would prefer not to live through again. 

I picked up an HG Wells, The First Men in the Moon in Kobo Plus, and The Ministry of Fear by Graham Greene.

What are you reading these days? Are you reading your books or listening to them? 

I hope you’re having as much reading fun as I am.

All my very best,


P.S. ScytheQ is coming along!

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