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In Which I Explain the Project Enterprise Series

And how all the stories are connected

Aug23-Project Enterprise - Pauline Baird Jones

Years ago, I wrote a one-off book set in space that I called my action-adventure romance. Then someone told me it was science fiction romance and/or space opera romance.

Science fiction! What?

At first, I thought, my science teacher from high school would roll over in his grave.

And then, after further pondering, I realized he is probably the only one NOT surprised. He would tell people, “Yeah, she wrote science fiction back then, too.”

So, as I said, it was supposed to be a one-off. So how is it that I’m releasing NUMBER NINE? Well, readers loved THE KEY and asked for me for more.

So I wrote another book and then another and before I knew it, I had five novels and two short stories in the series. They are:







And the short stories can be found in PROJECT ENTERPRISE: THE SHORT STORIES (I know, catchy title there).

These stories are standalone, but the latter three are more connected, which means you would enjoy them more if you’ve read all of them.

I thought I was done. Again.

But the readers persisted. Again.

So I rebooted the series a few years ago with:






These stories are also lightly connected, standalones. I have had readers start with MAESTRA RISING and do just fine.


There are also four more side stories that I wrote for Pets in Space:






I also have two free extras on my website:

CODE BLUE (best enjoyed after reading GIRL GONE NOVA, since it is about Doc and Hel).

HOW OLIVIA GOT HER JOB (best enjoyed after reading TANGLED IN TIME, where Olivia first appears).




A little-known fact is that a character from NEBULA NINE shows up in TIME TRAP. I don’t list it with the other PE books because it is a tenuous connection, but it is there. 

And I have some hope of pursuing that connection at some point. (Adds a note about this to her production list.)

Do you like knowing there are lots of books in a series or are you a bit intimidated?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with my books. They tend to be mostly standalone, so you can jump into the series at almost any point. I think it’s more fun when you’ve read all the books and there are Easter eggs for long-time readers but I work hard to make my books accessible for new readers, too.

So you could start with COSMIC BOOM and work your way back through the series (I hope you’ll want to!).

After my struggle to find words again, I loved writing COSMIC BOOM. It surprised and delighted me at every turn. I know, as the author, I should be delighted, but I’m always delighted that I AM delighted. Lol

I think there was also some fear that the pandemic took away not only “normal,” but also my words. Like all of us, I am adapting to a new normal, but so very grateful that my words and stories are back.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey and thank you for reading my books. I do not take any purchase of one of my books for granted. I am a reader myself, so I know that you aren’t just offering me the price of the book, but also your time to read the book. Thank you!

Here’s where to order COSMIC BOOM so it will magically download to your eReader right now!! It is also available in paperback if you prefer to read that way!

Here’s hoping August has been treating you well!

Perilously yours,