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Do you ever cross genre lines when you love an author?

Feb 21 Loved the Key Pauline Baird Jones

As a reader, I tend to look at my “also boughts” on Amazon and I enjoy posts about how books I enjoy are similar to other books I might also enjoy. My also boughts tend to cross genre lines because if I like an author, I tend to follow them even across genres. 

I know not every reader does that I have some evidence (as in not very much but that is what it looks like based on my sales) that my core readers sometimes divide along genre lines. 

So I thought it might be fun to look at some of my books that are in different genres, but still similar in some basic elements. 

As an example, if you loved THE KEY, chances are you’d also love THE SPY WHO KISSED ME, or even OUT OF TIME. 

What do these books have in common? Well…

1. An unusual action and adventure tale

2. Main characters with a strong sense of humor

3. Main characters who are good and honorable people you can root for

3. A satisfying romance that won’t make you blush 

What do I mean by an unusual action and adventure tale?

Well, THE SPY WHO KISSED ME happens in an unusual setting: the suburbs of DC during the first Gulf War. The hero is a spy and the heroine is a children’s book author. It’s pretty much a crazy romp, partially inspired by SCARECROW AND MRS KING TV show. 

THE KEY takes place in outer space, but there are a lot of similarities between SPY and The KEY, most notably the heroine’s very strong, humorous voice.

Out of Time An Out of Time Story by Pauline Baird JonesMy heroine in OUT OF TIME also has a very necessary sense of humor and the setting is World War II.

All three books also have heroes and heroines you can root for (because they are good people) and happy endings all around. To find out how I manage it, you have to read the books. hahaha

What are other elements that you look for in a book? What are some of your favorite books with these elements?


Perilously yours,