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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Read a romance today!

Take a Chance on Me by Pauline Baird Jones

My favorite Valentine’s activity is to read a romantic book. I learned to love romance novels at my grandma’s knee (yes, you read that right). When I started my first book it was supposed to be swoon-worthy romance, not a “what can I blow up?” romantic suspense. 

There was a romance, but I kept zooming into mystery. Oops.

However, I do have two romantic short story collections! Seriously, no one dies in any of them. In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m offering them in my bookstore for 25% off.

Let’s Fall in Love link  https://payhip.com/b/C7ti And coupon code to get your 25% off: FX3L9PIIKT Valid until 2/28/23

Take a Chance on Me link  https://payhip.com/b/6KyM. And coupon code to get your 25% off: C81TOLPT3P. Valid until 2/28/23

Grab one or both while you can!