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From Idle Hours to an Etsy Shop Full of Book Swag: My Quirky Creative Adventure!

Here's the thing about having tons of free time - I don't.

Pauline Baird Jones Idle Hours 2 Etsy Shop

Here’s the thing about having tons of free time – I don’t. Yet, somehow, I found myself drawn into the vibrant, bustling world of Etsy Shops, delving deep into the realm of book swag. And, oh boy, did I discover a world of untapped fun!

Picture this: Flamboyant flamingos meeting the Bookworm Gang, sharp sarcasm intertwined with hearty humor, and a throwback to vintage and mid-century modern aesthetics (coming up shortly!). I never realized how fulfilling it could be to weave together all my beloved hobbies and interests into cool products.

Perilously Fun Book Swag

But wait, there’s more! My new Etsy shop doesn’t stop at a single section. Oh, no. It’s a grand maze of five unique sections, proudly showcasing over 100 products! A little wild? Maybe. Crazy exciting? Absolutely.

You can get to my store by following this link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PerilouslyFunStuff or just click on “store” in the navigation above!

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