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Calling All Readers Who Flip Past the Steamy Scenes!

Let's close the door on steamy!

Blush Free Books Pauline Baird Jones

Calling all my readers who love exciting, action-filled, and well-written books that are hotter than the clean and sweet, but close the door on the steamy scenes!

Check out BlushFreeBooks, your go to place for readers who crave well-written books with all the action, suspense, excitement, and romance without the graphic sex. These stories have the edge-of-your-seat action with a hint of spicy language and some of the sexual tension not found in the cleaner-sweeter stories.

Not only will you find the books you want, you also can curl up with a free ebook, Perilous Pauline’s Character Support Group. What’s the short story about? 
Perilous Pauline's Character Support Group - Pauline Baird Jones-final

WELCOME to the in-between….

Join the outrageous confessions of the fictional souls behind Perilous Pauline’s characters as they get together and pour their hearts and souls out to the unwitting readers. 

From dangerous peril to Pauline’s cutthroat ‘fade-to-black’ policy, the characters will give you a delicious peek into how they feel about Pauline, the other characters, and the tantalizing behind-the-scenes antics that make Pauline a beloved, must-read author! Now, if someone can please untie the facilitator before she quits…

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Are you ready to give your Blush Free Books the platform they need to stand out and say ‘Come read me!’ to the millions of readers who love a great read without the unnecessary heat? 

Two Easy Steps…

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