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Exciting Nonfiction Book Releases Coming Your Way This Fall!

Are you looking to better understand the crazy publishing business?

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Attention all book lovers and aspiring authors! Are you looking to better understand the crazy publishing business? Well, I’ve got two books releasing that will  enlighten, entertain, and educate you the publishing business and more!

📚 Sept 28: Penning Pulse-Pounders: A Spirited Guide to Writing Your Own Suspense Novel

First off, have you ever been captivated by a suspenseful story and thought, “Could I craft such a narrative?” Well, the answer is a resounding YES, and here’s the perfect companion to get you started. “Penning Pulse-Pounders” is not just another writing guide; it’s a vibrant, hands-on adventure into the world of suspense fiction. With easy-to-follow advice on plot twists, scene-setting, and character development, this guide simplifies the intricate process of suspense storytelling.

What I absolutely love about this guide is its spirited approach. Whether you’re a newbie with a story bubbling inside you or an experienced writer looking to dip your toes in suspense waters, this book is your light in the literary fog. So, why wait for your favorite author to deliver the goods when you can pen your pulse-pounding tale?

📘 Oct 4: The Authorpreneur’s Odyssey: Humorous & Real-world Insights from a 25-year Journey in Publishing

Let’s change gears a bit and delve into the sometimes-bizarre realm of publishing with Pauline Baird Jones, our humorous guide and seasoned ‘authorpreneur’. Imagine having a mentor with a quarter-century of publishing experience, ready to regale you with stories, both hilarious and enlightening, of navigating this intricate world. That’s precisely what you get with “The Authorpreneur’s Odyssey”.

From chuckles to facepalms, from “Aha!” moments to “Oh no, they didn’t!” anecdotes, this guide will provide invaluable insights into the publishing rollercoaster. And the cherry on top? It’s described as a “seriously unserious guide,” which, if you ask me, is the best way to navigate the complex and often mystifying realm of publishing.

🌟 In Conclusion…

Whether you’re on the hunt for writing guidance or looking for behind-the-scenes publishing tales, these books promise a delightful mix of knowledge, wit, and charm. Mark your calendars, folks, because you won’t want to miss these captivating releases. Happy reading and writing! 📖✍🏼🍂