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Do You Paper Plan?

My sister was laughing at me because I have a paper planner.

"To err is human. To really screw up requires a plan."

My sister was laughing at me because I have a paper planner. I keep it next to my computer and make notes on it. Sometimes neat notes, sometimes messy ones I can’t read later. 

She was laughing for two reasons. 

I’m like a tech addict. I put things on my phone’s calendar and I always have it with me. It beeps to tell me to do something. Otherwise I pretty much forget. 

And the other reason? 

I’m a hermit.

“What do you have that for? So you can plan not to go anywhere?” she asked me. 

She has a point. 

This got me thinking about what would be the perfect planner for a hermit/introvert. 

Instead of inspiring quotes from famous people, it could have 365 reasons not to leave your house. 

And tips on how to plan to avoid social occasions in the margins. 

Oh, and instead of large squares for lots of appointments, there would be just one short line—with “do you really want to do this” next to it, and then “probably not” next to that. 

There should probably be a place for the “have tos,” somewhere on each page. 

Things like, “you need more Diet Dr. Pepper, so you’re going to have to go out.”

Or, “people will think you’re dead in here. You can at least walk down and get the mail.”

And “Yes, Amazon will deliver almost everything, but they don’t deliver someone to clean your teeth or cut your hair. You will have to leave the house for that.”

So what would your perfect planner look like in 2023? Would you also plan not to go anywhere? Or do you love to be out and about?

Perilously yours,