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Do You Read ALL of the Romance?

When you’re reading, do you flip past the steamy stuff?

Do You Read All- Pauline Baird Jones

When you’re reading, do you flip past the steamy stuff?

I love an exciting, well-written and romantic novel. I inhale then when I can find them.

But I’m not wild about peeking into anyone’s bedroom—even ficitonal bedrooms. 

If you’ve read any books of mine, then you know I’m a fade-to-black author. It is also called “closed door” romance. 

In the movies, they’d shift the scene to a fire buring in a fireplace, or waves rolling ashore, with music rising into a crescendo. Lol 

In early TV shows, married couples slept in single beds. (My dad used to say anyone who actually slept in a single bed was wearing out the rug in betweeen. Haha)

I don’t want to see that either. Lol

I don’t need to see a couple getting up close and personal to feel satisfied and happy at the close of a book. 

A kiss, a hug or two, some serious declarations of intent, and I’m happy to imagine them walking off into the sunset and living their life together. 

For me, that’s a happy ever after. 

Does this describe you? Are you a sex-scene page flipper?

I have some exciting news…on Wednesday!

Be sure to come back  in two days and read all about it! 

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