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Did You Know About my Bookworm Gang?

You need some out of this world book swag to go with your out of this world books!

The Bookworm Gang Pauline Baird JonesDid you know I have fun book swag, including my one-of-a-kind Bookworm Gang.  I love all things vintage—and my writing style is on the vintage side (lots of adventure, romantic, but I leave the bedroom stuff to your imagination). I even have a book boyfriend—very Cary Grant, because who doesn’t love him?

And there are a couple of new girls in town!

Sophie and Lilian!

Scifi BookWorm Girl I named them after my daughter’s cats. The whole gang came out to welcome them to the blog and to my store!

Sophie is an astronaut who loves to read with her alien buddy looking over her shoulder.

Lillian likes to figure out mysteries—except for the mysteries of life. Don’t ask her to do that.

I’ve been adding Sophie and Lillian merchandise into my Etsy shop, to go along with the other girls and the flamingo swag. You know I had to have flamingos in there. 

I’ll be adding more swag to the shop, but if you have a favorite item that you don’t see, let me know in the comments!

Here’s how to visit the shop! Click here or click on the “my shop” link in the navigation above. 

As always, perilously yours,