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Did You “Get Over” Reading Romances?

No, I didn't storm Area 51.


Feb 14 Did you get over romance Pauline Baird Jones (alt reality)

I recently had an occasion (not a great one) to be at the hospital and while one of the aides was showing me how to get to where I needed to go, she asked me about my Area 51 handbag.

I told her I wrote scifi and no, I hadn’t stormed Area 51.

She said, “I used to read scifi but I outgrew it.”

While I was still trying to process the notion of outgrowing scifi, she went on, “I used to read romance but I got over that.”

Now I’m even more flummoxed and I’m trying to think of a response, but she doesn’t wait again.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know nothing good ever came of a romance novel.”

I might have gobbled a few times and then I said, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think it hurts to be romantic.” 

Before I could cite statistics or mention the empowering aspects of the romance novel for women, she had to leave. I wish I had been able to think faster on my feet, but yeah, stress of being in the hospital and not seeing it coming…

I know peoples’ reading preferences can change over time. Mine have for sure. I have devoured historicals, Gothics, mysteries, thrillers, women’s fiction—well, I’ve read a lot of genres. Some I’ve moved on from and many still reside on my bookshelves. I call them my comfort reads—and they include some books of my youth that I will never “outgrow.” 

But there is a thread that runs through the books I keep and what I read now. 

If you’re on my blog much, then you know I write scifi, mystery, suspense, Gothic—all with romance swirled through them. 

I think I started reading romance novels when I was…twelve? My grandma would hand me what she was reading. They were a mix of Gothic romances and Harlequins (back when they were all “sweet”). 

I don’t know if the books helped make me romantic, or if I was already inclined that way and they just reinforced it. 

I am a romantic and I’m glad I haven’t outgrown it! 

If you look at my list, you might notice that my romance all has a hyphen:





When I first started trying to write stories, I wasn’t looking to mix my genres up. I wanted to write what I’d read and enjoyed: a romance. 

For the most part, I failed. I would think I was writing a romance and then bullets started to fly, or my heroine stumbled over a body. Clearly, I had also been heavily influenced by the Gothics and romantic suspense novels I’d read. 

There is, however, a few exceptions to my inability to write a romance. Through the years, I have managed to write eight short stories where no one died or got shot at. Lol

I fear these are it for me and straight romance—but you never know.  

So here’s the scoop on my two romance collections:

Let’s Fall in Love

Let's Fall in Love Pauline Baird JonesLove, laughter, and happy endings are guaranteed in a collection that is “…unusual but delightful to read…”

Let’s Fall in Love    Nic and Lexie fell in love, but can they stay in love with their families pulling them apart?

Falling for her AlienMarrying a man she’d met once was a bad idea. When the guy was ET, it was insane—even if they were anatomically compatible…

Almost Over You  Liz was sure her marriage was over. Was it too late for Steven to make her fall in love with him again? 

Wanting WillaThe one thing Max never did was fall in love. Until he met Willa… 

Grab this collection and fall in love!

Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me Pauline Baird JonesSecond Chance for the Sheik  – Ellie fell in love with the son of a sheik and he broke her heart. Now he’s back, but it’s not just her heart at risk this time…. (Formerly “Son of a Sheik,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Give Love a Chance – A Trapini and a Maloney have as much chance of getting together as a Hatfield or McCoy. But the heart wants what the heart wants… (Formerly “Getting a Clue,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Chance Encounter – What if you meet the right man at the wrong time? Lily was engaged and Theo was a stranger. Only he didn’t feel like a stranger… (Formerly “Sunbeam,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Last Chance for Love   For Ric Hamilton, business came first, until he saw his beautiful PA dance the samba. And suddenly his first order of business was capturing her heart…. (Formerly “Dance with Me,” Romance Collection, L&L Dreamspell)

Time to take a chance on love and grab this collection! 

Perilously yours,