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Cosmic Boom Release day!

Get your copy today!

Cosmic Boom by Pauline Baird Jones

Are you ready for an interstellar adventure? Look no further than the latest release from The Cyborg Chronicles: Cosmic Boom!

Follow Captain Hedy Quinton as she takes command of her first mission with Project Enterprise, only to find herself navigating a host of challenges, from a lonely AI in her ship’s systems to a disgruntled ally vying for power. And let’s not forget about the cute deck officer who just happens to be a former robot.

But when Boom, the deck officer, is sent to investigate strange happenings on an unknown planet, tensions between Hedy and Boom come to a head. Will their love survive the pressures of command, betrayal, and the secrets of Boom’s past?

Filled with fast-paced action, interstellar chemistry, and a sprawling space opera, Cosmic Boom is the perfect read for fans of the genre. Don’t miss out on the second entry in the award-winning Project Enterprise series spin-off, The Cyborg Chronicles! Grab your copy today and embark on an exciting journey into the unknown.

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