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Bringing the Book Fair to You: “Out of Time” on Kickstarter!

It's going live on June 13th!

Out of Time Kickstarter, romantic time travel, Pauline Baird Jones, hardcover edition

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to share some exciting news: I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for an exclusive hardcover edition of “Out of Time”!

Consider this Kickstarter campaign as your personal, at-home book fair. It’s an opportunity to explore and discover something new without stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ll not only find the hardcover edition of “Out of Time,” but also exclusive digital and paperback editions. Plus, for those who love a personal touch, I’ll be signing copies of the book. And let’s not forget the vintage-inspired swag!

Following the campaign not only helps increase its visibility and chances of success but also keeps you updated on all the exclusive offers. Think of it as being the first in line at the book fair!

Let’s bring this special edition of “Out of Time” into the world together! How? Click this link and follow the campaign so you won’t miss out on the launch!

Perilously yours,