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The Real Dragon Collection

Mayhem, romance and adventure runs through them…

Mayhem, romance and adventure runs through them…

Together for the first time in one volume, Pauline Baird Jones’ science fiction romance short stories (with a little bit of steampunk swirled into some of them just for fun). 

Join Emma as she tries to puzzle out the mystery of her past, with a little help from her (mysteriously returned and talking) bearded dragon. 

Journey to Nebula Nine Station with Special Temporal Agent, Jane Jones, as she works with the handsome security chief to prevent a tragedy. 

Take a leap into the past with Prudence Pinkerton and sort out the mystery of the specters in the storm. 

Find out why going home for the holidays isn’t all cookies and eggnog. 

Dive into the two Project Enterprise short stories—a murder mystery with an alien twist, and join Ani as she faces down an automaton outlaw gang in old time Texas.  

And as a bonus for buying this digital collection, fall into a time trap with Briggs (from The Key and Girl Gone Nova), Madison, and the mysterious Sir Rupert.

Pauline Baird Jones is known for writing smart, quirky, funny fiction. Grab your copy of this collection today!