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Telling Time: An Out of Time Story

Thrust back in time, a stunt pilot and a future operative battle a betrayal-laden conspiracy to protect the future of time time itself.
Coming in November 2023!

In a race against rogue time travelers, Mel and Jack enlist the skills of audacious stunt pilot, Connor Hayes, catapulting him back to Roswell, New Mexico in 1949 on a daring mission to intercept enemy agents.

Suddenly, he finds himself embroiled in a tense situation with Rita Graven, a time-traveling operative on the run from her own kind. But can he trust her desperate plea for help, or is she part of a calculated trap meant to ensnare Jack’s team?

Caught between trust and deception, Rita holds her secrets close. Pursued relentlessly by her own people, she’s clueless about their lethal intentions. As she turns to Connor for help, she remains oblivious to his own time-traveling nature.

In a volatile dance of deception, can they cultivate enough trust to outwit a future conspiracy designed to obliterate all opposition to their adversary’s control over time travel?

Racing across epochs, with the relentless tick of the clock as their only soundtrack, Rita and Connor are the last line of defense protecting their team, and time itself. The future is out of time, and the stakes have never been higher.

Coming in November 2023!