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Project Enterprise Mega Bundle

This is a series that is a keeper for me, and I will enjoy reading them all again.

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Project Enterprise: an above-top-secret expedition to a distant galaxy. A mysterious place where lives – and hearts – are on the line.

Over 1600 hundred pages of sweeping adventure and compelling romance at a great price!

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The key will define who one woman will become. 

The key will unlock more than an unknown civilization; it will define who one woman will become….

Don’t miss out on the excitement in this Independent Book Bronze Medal and Dream Realm Awards Winner! Join Sara and Kieran today as they discover where the key is hidden and stop those that would use the secrets left behind by a lost civilization for their own agenda.  (The Key)

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Impossible missions, an irritating male, time travel and…love? Doc never saw that last one coming?

Don’t miss out on this award-winning adventure of two people who should never have met, attempting the impossible in time and space—and in the intergalactic relationship zone.  (Girl Gone Nova)

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When the future collides with the past, something is bound to change…

Read an action packed time travel adventure that readers have raved about! Anything is possible when you get Tangled in Time!  (Tangled in Time, A Project Enterprise Novella)

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With all of time at risk, it’s a bad time to fall in love…unless it’s the only time…

Can two unlikely people join forces to defeat evil before it has a chance to take over the universe? Grab your copy of Steamrolled  today and embark on an adventure that readers have called “weird and wonderful” and a “must read for science fiction lovers.” (Steamrolled)

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Read an incredible journey that reviews call “the perfect ending to a favorite scifi series.”(Kicking Ashe)

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The journey is not over in the Project Enterprise Series. Two complete stories that feature guest appearances that you don’t want to miss are currently available. Don’t miss collecting the complete set in this award-winning series!

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This Project Enterprise bundle contains the complete, the award-winning series. If you love sweeping space adventure, “unique time travel,” rollicking good fun, and happy endings, then grab this bundle today.