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Project Enterprise Bundle 2

“…fun with strong heroines and hunky heroes, even if some of them are completely alien!”

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With all of time at risk, it’s a bad time to fall in love. The Project Enterprise journey continues!

He’s a modern soldier. She’s a vintage scientist. Their star-crossed love could redefine the boundaries of time and space. (Tangled in Time, A Project Enterprise Novella)

* * *

He’s a time-traveling repo man. She’s an inventor’s descendant. Together they’ll make history.  (Steamrolled)

* * *

He’s an alien warrior. She fights for time. Can their love hold together a galaxy on the verge of collapse? (Kicking Ashe)

* * *

This Project Enterprise bundle contains the last three books in the award-winning series. If you love “unique time travel,” sweeping action, quirky steampunk, and happy endings, then grab this bundle today.