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Lives at risk. Time out of whack. Is it a test? Or a trap?

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Lives at risk. Time out of whack. Is it a test? Or a trap?

Special Forces Temporal Agent, Jane Doe finds the thrill of going where she’d never gone before giving way to wondering what is wrong on Nebula Nine Space station. Is the Agency testing her loyalty? Or has she jumped into a trap? As her doubts grow, so do her fears of destabilizing her own timeline and disappearing from existence. And who is Ryder Jaxon?

Ryder Jaxon doesn’t trust anyone. And he sure doesn’t trust things that only he can see. So when he starts seeing visions of the station blowing up, and he has to work with a woman he wants to trust, he wonders if he should take a long vacation.

It’s a trip into crazy for both of them and as they race to stop a madman messing intent on destroying the station. But when they realize how completely they have both been betrayed, they must make a choice that will change more than their past history.

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