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Books With Friends

I love to talk books with other readers.

August 15 Alternate Reality Reading Pauline Baird Jones Instagram

I love books. 

I love to read them. 

I love to write them. 

I love to talk about them with other readers. 

I have noticed that my book talk has changed since I became an author. I tried to fight it, but it is true that I read differently now than I did back in my pre-publication days. (And sadly, I read much less.)

I’ve said it before, and I still believe it, reading a book is an intensely personal experience. No one will ever have exactly the same experience from reading a novel. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has read a book, been excited and gotten a “What?” look or comment from a friend. Or been the “What” person. 

Usually not liking the same book does not end a friendship, but there are some authors that may make me pause BEFORE starting a friendship. lol I try not to be that kind of person, but yeah, books can be the first indication that you might not have a lot in common. I’m not as hardline as I used to be. I can accept that we might find other areas of interaction. But, but…


There’s nothing quite like meeting a friend in an unexpected place and having them say, “Have you read [fill in the blank with book title] yet?” And you’re like, “YES,” or “NO, I didn’t know it was out.” And then you buy it on your phone while you’re talking and it’s all just so great, even if you are getting weird looks and people are giving you a wide berth. 

Who doesn’t need a wide berth anyway?

So, have you ever been talking to someone and thought, “We can never be friends because you like XX author.” Or thought, “FRIENDS forever!” All the time smiling and trying to act a normal person? 

Perilously yours,