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Behind the Book: THE KEY

How I came to write a science fiction story—one curiously devoid of actual science!

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Back in the day, when I was a new author, no one wanted to interview me, so I interviewed myself. They became my Behind the Book interviews. With the opening of this new, alternate reality website, I thought I’d bring the relevant ones over a little at a time. So here is the one for The Key! 

Welcome to the story of how I came to write a science fiction story—one curiously devoid of actual science!

Me: Well, this is such a weird departure for you, I hardly know where to begin with this interview.

I: You could start where you usually do. Or not.

Me: I could, but I think I’ll start with where this came from. Where on earth did you get the idea for this book?

I: Well, once I finished Out of Time, I started kicking around ideas for the next book. This “kicking” involved watching Stargate Atlantis–

Me: You were researching book ideas by watching television?

I: Um…yeah.

Me: Okay…so how did that work for you?

I: Well, not so good at first. I started getting ideas for Atlantis and not my book. It got so bad, I decided to write my idea down, just to get it out of my head. It was pretty pointless since I didn’t own the rights to write anything about these characters.

Me: And how did that work for you?

I: Well, one hundred pages later…not at all. But I liked the character I’d created that did belong to me, so I decided to try to migrate her to a story I did have the right to write. I tried different approaches. I even tried to take her out of the science/fantasy world, but she had some special things about her that belonged in a fantasy type world, so I pressed forward and suddenly the story just clicked.

Me: Were you able to use much of your 100 pages?

I: Not as much as I would have liked. (sigh) But just getting a great character was worth it, IMHO. I love everything about this character. She’s pretty much everything I’m not. (grin)

Me: There’s something else…different about this book, right?

I: (sigh) Yes. It’s…long. By the time it is for sale, (Author’s note: my then-editor didn’t cut it all, so it is still long) it might not be as long, but it is longer than any book I’ve ever written. I didn’t mean to do that. It just…happened.

Me: It just…happened? It had nothing to do with you typing, oh, too many words?

I: No, it just happened. I’m too lazy to type too many words.

Me: Right. So, moving on, this book, does it contain your signature humor mixed with your signature peril?

I: Absolutely. My early readers tell me that they are glad about that, too. I had a lot of fun with the setting, with the characters, even with some of the names.

Me: How do you have fun with names?

I: Well, the story is set in another galaxy, so I had to make up all kinds of names. When I could, I had fun with that, but it was also kind of hard.

Me: Does your galaxy have its own language?

I: No. I didn’t want to go there. I’m lucky I know MY language, no way I could make up another one. Clearly, this isn’t a book for hardcore science fiction readers unless they are also able to get a bit whacky and have fun—and are able to do without the science component.

Me: Why did you leave the science out of the science fiction?

I: You just had to ask, didn’t you? (sigh) Basically, science is my worst subject. Even ahead of math. Way ahead. I bought a book about world building and right away knew I was in trouble. They wanted me to do math AND science! So, if you want a meticulously researched book, this isn’t it. I made it ALL up. It’s all fiction.

Me: There’s a funny story about your character, isn’t there?

I: You know there is. Sara Donovan, my main character can seriously kick butt. Well, one day I was channeling her, trying to get her walk down. I had to go get the mail. Some guys were working on a roof across the street and I guess I was walking like I thought she’d walk and I got whistled at. It was pretty funny. Of course, they were too far away to see how old I was—or they’d probably have fallen off the roof.

Me: You channeled Sara a lot, didn’t you? Is this typical for you?

I: I usually get pretty deep into my characters, but this deep has only happened to me twice. The other time was The Spy Who Kissed Me and I thought that was because the book was first person. But Sara clearly wanted this story told.

Me: And it’s not over, is it?

I: No, one of the characters who didn’t get the girl isn’t happy about it. He wants me to write a book for him, but we’ll have to see. I found him a girl, but not a story just yet…I do wish he’d let me do a few things in my real life though.

Me: Really? I mean, you want to do taxes?

I: Okay, so no, but I don’t want to go to jail either.

Me: I’m with you on that one.

I: I thought you would be.

Me: Now let’s talk about the space battle. What were you thinking? We don’t know how to write a space battle!

I: I know. I kept thinking I could write a space/action/adventure and not have a space battle, all the while the story was moving toward a…space battle. A big one. Then I thought I could do like Jeff Strand did in How to Rescue a Dead Princess and just put “space battle” here, but this isn’t that kind of book. Sigh.

Me: So you…

I: …decided I needed a space battle consultant and immediately thought of my son. He’s been doing all sorts of space battles on his computer since he was pretty small. And he’s a reader. Good combo.

Me: And he did a great job, didn’t he?

I: Well, great in the sense that it is a great space battle, IMHO. Not so great in that he took all the cool stuff I’d made up and blew it all up!

Me: I think you are exaggerating just a little.

I: Maybe a little. But, dang! He was pretty ruthless. And he looks so sweet!

Me: People used to think you were sweet…and then they read your books…

I: True…but does that look like the face that could blow up a thousand ships?

Space battle consultant

Me: No, it doesn’t. Well, we should wrap this up. Anything else to add?

I: I  hope you enjoy my BAB.

Me: BAB?

I: Oh. Um…my big a** book? Otherwise known as my weird a** book?

Me: On that…high note, we’ll end this with what dignity we can muster.

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