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Behind the Book: FOUND GIRL

The (Mostly) True Story Behind the Writing of FOUND GIRL

Found Girl Marquee

As we close on the release of Project Enterprise 9, I’m taking you behind the scenes of Found Girl: Project Enterprise 6. I’ll be interviewing myself again since there is still no one else who wants to do it. 

First, let’s look at the blurb for Found Girl: 

She’s an alien farm girl. He’s a hotshot soldier. Can their love save an alien sanctuary from destruction? 

cover artArian Teraz refuses to waste her life on a loveless arranged marriage and a rocky plot of farmland. So when a mysterious ship lands in front of her and invites her to take a chance on something else, she doesn’t hesitate. Fleeing her planet, hostile forces open fire on her ship, and she has no choice but to send the ship through a wormhole. Clinging to life, she rockets out the other side… and plummets into the strong arms of a handsome soldier.

After months of staring into empty space, Captain Jackson “Coop” Cooper is itching for some action. He gets it when a wormhole delivers an alien ship into their path. He volunteers to make first contact, rescuing the ship with its injured alien beauty and her unusual shipmate. Before they can get acquainted, new threats send them on a wild ride through the cosmos and into a mysterious sanctuary with no means of escape. With little time to sort out enemies and allies, Arian and Coop must work together to uncover the secret behind her hidden destiny if they stand any chance of surviving their future. 

Found Girl is the sixth standalone book in the spectacular Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like cosmic battles, human-alien love stories, and imaginative future worlds, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ high-adrenaline adventure. 

Buy Found Girl to beam into a sexy interstellar romance today!

And now let’s dive into this interview. Take it away, me!

Me: No ‘pull back the curtain’ this week?

Myself: I’m trying to change things up a bit. Keep it interesting. 

Me: *blink, blink* 

Myself: Just ask a question.

Me: Right. This is one of those books that was never supposed to happen, was it not?

Myself: Why yes, you are correct. When I finished Kicking Ashe, I thought I was done with Project Enterprise. But the fans kept asking and the other Project Enterprise books kept selling. It took me a while to figure it out, to realize that my readers were not done. And I wasn’t done either. 

Me: Was it hard to get back into Project Enterprise?

Myself: It was. When I created the original universe, I also created several ships, and my characters mention traveling in a different direction on one of these ships. I had thought about following the story in a new direction, so I decided to give it a try.

Me: You had other goals, too?

Myself: Correct. I wanted to build a wider storyline into the follow-up books. When I wrote The Key, I hadn’t planned on it being a series, so the books that followed were…challenging because I hadn’t planned anything.

Me: But you don’t like planning. Your Muse doesn’t like planning.

Myself: This is true. But I wanted to plan, without actually planning in a way that would annoy my Muse. 

Me: And we are back at head exploding…

Myself: Yeah. But, I thought if I could create complete stories, but tie them to this wider puzzle, perhaps the Muse would go along for the ride. She fought me, but we made it to the end of the book.

Me: You had another challenge to overcome, too. 

Myself: Yeah, it wasn’t just the Muse pushing back. I lost my parents at the end of 2016. It was pretty challenging to get the words flowing again. At time Found Girl felt like I was writing in a howling hurricane. 

Me: What surprised you after publication?

Myself: LOL Well, some of my readers were disappointed there weren’t any of the original characters in the book. It was an important lesson to me about pleasing the Muse AND the readers. I like the book, the characters, and some of the surprising aliens we meet in this book. It helped me get through a tough time. 

Me: And you learned to…

Myself: …also listen to my readers. The next book (Lost Valyr) is firmly back in the original universe with appearances by original characters. And it didn’t hurt at all. I had a great time going back and I hope readers will, too.

Me: While we’re waiting for you to reveal more about the next book…

Myself: Oh, right. This is a great time to catch up on the original series, because—while I think anyone can read my books standalone and enjoy them—there are Easter eggs for readers “in the know.” 

Me: I would have to agree with you, mostly because we are the same person. Any last words?

Myself: I’d just like to invite anyone on the fence about whether they’d like Found Girl to read this extended excerpt. And stay tuned for breaking news on Project Enterprise 9!

Perilously yours,


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