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Behind the Book: AzumC

The (Mostly) True Story Behind the Writing of AzumC: The Cyborg Chronicles 4

Behind the Book AzumC Pauline Baird Jones

It has become a tradition (a kind of twisted tradition) for me to interview myself about writing a book. It all began a long time ago when I was so small time, I couldn’t get interviewed to save my life. 

Now, I do it because it makes me smile—and helps me remember what it was like writing the book (because my memory isn’t perfect!). 

So first, here’s the blurb for AzumC: The Cyborg Chronicles 4:

He’s a pilot in search of a mission. She’s a doctor lost in time. Can they fix each other before time runs out.

Az, the robot formerly known as AzumC, is finding his return to mostly human form as challenging as his other crewmates had. 

A ship would help. A pilot needs a ship. Luckily, the Garradians have a ship and a mission for him and his AI, Woolly: The newly minted Garradian Rescue Service.

The pirates are a problem, but an even bigger problem is the mysterious woman who appears on his ship. Why do the pirates want her? 

Dr. Jacklyn Lee knows who she is and what she does. She doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. She does know one thing: if she gets sent back, she will die. 

Dive into this latest release in The Cyborg Chronicles, the spin-off series of the award winning Project Enterprise! 

And now let’s dive into the interview!

I: So AzumC is the latest robot to retake human form—though he still has a very visible robotic arm. 

Me: Well, he is a cyborg. And he likes keeping some of his super powers. 

I: I’m a little surprised they gave up those super robot bodies. They were almost unstoppable.

Me: But the robot exterior made romance a non-starter.

I: There is that. So, let’s dish some behind the scenes secrets.

Me: Well, I can make something up. I am a fiction author. 

I: Let’s try a little reality first. You did have a big challenge in finishing this book?

Me: I did have an unexpected surgery that threw me for a loop. I am used to Life Happening and throwing me off my schedule, but I haven’t had a surgery in forty years. So I was a little taken aback. 

I: Just a little?

Me: It’s all a bit fuzzy now. Thank goodness. 

I: But you did manage to gather enough thinking power to write Az’s story.

Me: Well, he was getting impatient about it. 

I: This story surprised you. Okay, I know all your stories surprise you, but this one surprised you in a new way.

Me: It really did. My brain likes twisty plots, but this one twisted in some ways and then twisted again. And possibly again. It just kept spinning and spinning. 

I: And the romance?

Me: It was probably my toughest couple to bring together. Lol 

I: So tough it required an epilogue?

Me: Just a short one to wrap things up more neatly. (It’s a free download at the end of the book!)

I: Anything else to add?

Me: Not really. I have another book to write (MicroP), so I think we should wrap this up.

I: Wrapping it up with information on where you can grab all the books in The Cyborg Chronicles!

Have a great day!

Perilously yours,