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Are You Wandering in the Book Wilderness?

Finding books is as hard as, well, being found by readers as an author.

 Kickstarter Pauline Baird Jones

So there is a lot of commotion in the author world this week because Amazon changed things…again. Just as we get comfortable with how everything works—as an author AND as a reader—they change it. 

Sometimes the changes help. Sometimes they don’t. And I’m speaking as reader here now. I used to love browsing the “also boughts” on a book page. I found a lot of new favorite books and authors that way.

These days? I don’t bother. I rarely open Amazons emails because they have no clue what I like to read. My last five reader emails from them recommend this obscure Mark Twain book. 🙄

Finding books is as hard as, well, being found by readers as an author. Yes, it is ironic. 

We all want to find books, and I’m always hoping new readers will find my books when they go looking. 

We all seem to be wandering in the wilderness together without actually running into each other that much. 

And frankly, book discovery is even harder at the other online vendors, such as Apple Books, Kobo, etc. Sometimes I search there and I can’t even find my own books. 

If you like what what they put on their front pages, then you’re doing fine there. Me? I like indie books that color a bit outside the lines (but aren’t steamy! Do you know how hard it is to find books that aren’t steamy??)

So I read this book about Kickstarter. They talked about authors who might benefit from giving it a try and guess what? 

They were taking about me. And not just as an author, but as a reader, too!

I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had delving into all things Kickstarter and finding new authors and cool projects to back. 

So if this sounds like you, then you need to hop over and check it out. You can start with my project—which I hope you’ll back—and then check out some other authors!  

They have scifi, fantasy, paranormal and mystery to explore like this one by Kyndra Hatch: Fracture Exclusive Hardcover

I really love that I have a way to escape the Amazon ecosystem and find books I like! And I can get books in a format that still lets me use the Kindle app if I want to. 😈 (The books are delivered by Bookfunnel!)

Which brings me to the other fun part of Kickstarter. They call them reward tiers and part of the rewards tiers are the books, but there is also swag! 

I am particularly excited about the swag that goes with my project. 

First let me start by saying every edition, both in the reward tiers and the add-ons (you can add others of my books just by clicking add-ons!), has bonus, Kickstarter exclusive content. 

These are deluxe editions that will never be available in bookstores. And that includes the swag.

And—you will get the books well before they appear at online booksellers. 

I thought I’d use a picture to show you some of the swag you can get by backing my Kickstarter. And the best part? It’s all digital. Everything. You can even get an AI Narrated Cyborg’s Revenge audiobook! How is cool is that?

No trees dying, nothing to throw away or find a place for, no worries about the supply chain and you can print it out once you do know where you want it. 

The only thing to fear is an electromagnetic event. 🙄

But we won’t go there. Okay, I went there, but we can back slowly away. LOL 

Do you still have questions! Please ask! I’m so excited about this and I’ve spent so much time studying it, I might not have covered something you are curious about. 

So I’ll end by saying, please pop over and take a look—and even better—back my project so you can get my books early!


Perilously yours,