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About Pauline

Welcome to Pauline’s Alternate Reality website! 

Pauline Baird Jones

Hello everyone, I’m Pauline Baird Jones, a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of perilously fun fiction. 

When I’m not sharing the beautiful photographs that my husband has taken, chasing after my grandchildren, or expanding my Lego city, I’m off wandering among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla (we were born the same year!) and mixing peril and humor into my romances.

For motivation, I consume chocolate, bacon and Pepsi (I had to give up Diet Dr. Pepper). I also collect flamingoes and love mid-century modern anything. 

Pauline Baird Jones-Grandma Project

My grandma project!

Pauline Baird Jones-Grandma Project

More Grandma Project!

New Orleans-Pauline Baird Jones

Lived in and loved New Orleans for 18 years!

Wyoming Life-Heart Mountain-Pauline Baird Jones

Home again!

Pauline Baird Jones-FlamingosPeace Out-Aliens-Pauline Baird Jones
Pauline Baird Jones - Cat-Felix

The late great Felix. We miss you!


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