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A Frozen Fish Out of Water?

Mulling themes in MAESTRA RISING


Aug30-FishOutofWater-Pauline Baird Jones

One of the questions I get from readers is some variation of why did you start writing science fiction adventure romance? It is a fair question. I started out writing romantic comedy mystery, then wrote some thrillers, cozy mysteries, and even an action adventure time travel before starting my accidental science fiction romance. From the outside, it probably looks pretty random and disconnected. I joke that my books are connected by humor, romance, and perilous adventures. 

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find them also connected by—I can’t believe I’m going to write this—theme. (I hated themes in high school and here I am sort of talking about themes! What???) 

At least, I think this is a theme. I was terrible at themes, too. Lol But I do think my books, at least some, have what I’d call this:

* Fish out of water experience

Are you asking, what? Again? I don’t blame you! But looking back on my life, I think I always felt like I was out of my environment if I was out of my house (hermit!). And I kind of have a dark side, so putting my characters through what I do…might be a little cathartic for me? Venting by word?

I don’t start out a story meaning to put my characters through the mill—okay, so I do because that makes for a better story, but I don’t have a plan. I start writing and I keep asking myself, “How can I make this worse?” And if my life is chaotic, I might channel that into the story, too. Lol And there was a LOT of chaos happening around me when I was writing Maestra Rising. 

Let me add, that I’m not totally mean. I am also fascinated by how we react when circumstances take us out of our norm. Do we change? Or do we become more who we really are? How we react to stress is interesting to me (might be why I like some reality shows?) both personally and as an author—though mostly as an author. lol

cover artSo Maestra Rising is totally a fish-out-of-water story, (or a frozen fish-out-of-water story hahaha).

Here’s the blurb:

She’s a gifted scientist. He’s a robot with a human mind. Can they save a lost ship and find love among the stars?

Nivi awakes from cryosleep plagued by guilt. The scientific genius had hoped her people would avoid war if she went into cold sleep, but she learns her sacrifice was in vain. And now a vicious enemy approaches a stranded Earth spaceship. Desperate to reactivate the technology she needs for the rescue, Nivi enlists the help of an attractive robot with a human consciousness and wisdom beyond his years…

Moose survived slavery but never forgot the feeling of worthlessness it forced upon him. After living in the body of a robot for years, he sees an opportunity to help the brilliant Nivi if he becomes human once again. In a new body with new dangers, he worries that the genius scientist will never see him as more than the robot he once was. 

Outnumbered by a relentless foe, Nivi and Moose attempt to put their desires on hold to ensure humanity’s survival. 

With time running out, can they defeat the enemy and enjoy a future filled with love?

Maestra Rising is the eighth novel in the epic Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like gripping adventures, captivating characters, and emotional out-of-this-world encounters, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ thrilling saga. 

Buy Maestra Rising to take an interstellar adventure today!

And here’s an excerpt!

At first, all Nivi heard was the thunder of her own heart, but slowly she realized it wasn’t all she heard. There was also a subdued roar that could not be her heart, or if it was, she had a problem. Water splashed onto her faceplate. Of course. The waterfall. She pressed closer to the wall, but that had its downside, too, since it had unexpected protrusions and sharp-edged ledges. At one point, a jagged edge of rock forced her closer to the waterfall and she bounced from the change in air currents. She wobbled and almost lost her orientation. She grabbed the rope to steady herself.

“Are you well?” Moose asked in her comm. 

Water began to splash against her back. She must be getting closer to the fall of water than she realized. She rubbed at the water blurring her view and wobbled again. 

Don’t look down. 

She looked anyway.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! You can read it now!

Have you ever felt fish-out-of-water in your real life? Read or liked books with that device or theme (is it a theme? Lol)?

Perilously yours,