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Project Enterprise Audio by Pauline Baird Jones- Becky Boyd

So I declared this my own personal audiobook month! 

And since this is my Alternate Reality site, of course, I’m going to talk about Project Enterprise.

Here’s the series blurb for the series:

Take a phenomenal, interstellar journey with the Project Enterprise series! This sci-fi romance saga, filled with fast-paced action and sprawling space opera, will take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Pick up the entire Project Enterprise series today!

So, The Key has a bit of a backstory. The same publishers that originally released Pig in a Park (it was my very first audiobook but the rights reverted to me a lot of years back and I changed the name to The Spy Who Kissed Me), also took on the task of recording The Key.

It is the only one of my audiobooks not released by me, but it is IMHO, a fun recording. If the covers confuse you, that is problem with the vendor. The publisher worked with me on updating the covers everywhere they could so that the series would match. (I thought that was very nice of them.)

Girl Gone Nova was recorded by Brad Langer, who agreed to try this new wide, releasing thing with me. 

And then Becky Boyd has been working with me to get the rest of the series into audiobook. Yes, she’s awesome. We “met” over Out of Time and she helped me get Just in Time into audio last year during the lockdown. 

I love her work and am excited to have her narrating the rest of the series!

So currently, Tangled in Time and Steamrolled were narrated by Becky and are available. 

Kicking Ashe and Found Girl are in the pipeline. I’m hoping both Kicking Ashe and Found Girl will be popping up on vendors sites by the time this post goes live. 

I live in hope a lot. 

You can find the vendors here and both listen and/or buy and/or request them for your local library!

Perilously yours,