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8 Reasons to Travel Through Time

Obviously I love time travel!

It’s (was when I wrote this post!) International Time Travel Day! Wow, that was nine years ago and this post on my other website gets visited almost every day!

  • Obviously I love time travel! I’ve written a lot of books that involve traveling through time (Out of Time, Girl Gone Nova, Tangled in Time, Steamrolled, Kicking Ashe, Just in Time and Maestra Rising)
The week before this one, I did a blog about why not to travel through time. This week I’d like to propose reasons to time travel:
  1. Getting the girl/guy (Somewhere in Time, Kate & Leopold)
  2. Defeating bad guys (Time after Time, Frequency, Girl Gone Nova, Steamrolled, Kicking Ashe, Time and Again)
  3. To reset a franchise (new Star Trek movie)
  4. To make sure you get born (Time Rider)
  5. Make a better life for your parents and yourself (Back to the Future)
  6. To save whales and your future! (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
  7. Because you can (Doctor Who)
  8. Didn’t want to, but now making the best of a bad situation (any book/show/movie where time travel is accidental!) 
Tell me your reasons TO travel through time! 
By no coincidence, the day this was first posted was also the birthday of Albert Einstein, author of the “space and time bend” theory. I’m sure he is shaking his head somewhere at my various versions of time travel. lol But I still want to give him a hat tip for being smart, cool, AND beliving in time travel! 

cover artPauline has only traveled forward in time (when she flew to England).This didn’t mess with her future or her past, though she did get jet lag. She has written almost 30 novels, but not all of them involve time travel. You can find out more about her and her books by clicking on the Books menu up there at the top of the page! 

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