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“Cosmic Boom is pure entertainment for anyone that enjoys a good adventure, a little mystery, some romance, hope, and humor.” Whiskey With My Book

Warning! This story contains no dropped drawers or melting panties. It does have upstanding heroes, awesome adventures in space, a heart-warming romance, and a sense of humor. 

Clearly, this author knows how to tell a story no matter what the genre.

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Narelle Todd helped propel Pets in Space® to the USA Today Bestseller list three times, so I was super excited when she opened her SIGNATURE GET MY BOOK OUT THERE COURSE. 

I knew she was good at marketing and ethical in her approach to marketing, which was important to me. I didn’t hesitate to sign up!

Signature Get My Book Out There - Pauline Baird Jones 3It was everything I’d hoped for and more. Narelle helped me assess and rebuild my author platform, creating a solid foundation, and then she helped me set actionable goals tailored to ME. 

Instead of chasing the new shiny thing, or throwing things at the wall and hoping they’d stick, I’m building my business MY way, and I have freed up more time for writing my books. 

After over twenty years as an author, I finally found the “secret” to marketing my books: a great coach, a solid plan, and working hard the RIGHT way. 

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